[PD] notebook (PC) for creation of sound ?

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Sat Feb 9 11:10:10 CET 2002

am 09.02.2002 4:06 Uhr schrieb Go Suenaga unter ads at gosuenaga.com:

hi,( especially Thomas Grill)

>Hopyfully, i get mine in about two or three weeks, then i can report on it.

you get "RME HDSP interface+breakout box"?

yes i got the Multiface box (with PCI and Cardbus adapters) in the mid of
I am extremely satisfied with it... i think it is really worth the money.
I have not measured latencies on the PC, but on the Mac G4 Powerbook i can
achieve stable effective IO-latencies of 6.6 ms @ 48 kHz and 6.0 ms @ 96
kHz. All that with virtually no cpu usage @ 18 in/out channels. Another
valuable feature is the built-in Totalmix hardware mixer which is very
RME has also proven to have stable drivers right from the start (although
MIDI is still missing for MacOS).
My recommandations for that interface! ... yet, i heard that it is still
quite hard to get.

Well, don't expect comparable performance from the Midiman USB boxes. USB
suffers from the limited bandwidth and i don't think you will be able to
operate all 4 in and 4 out at a reasonable sample rate and low latencies -
but of course, they are compact and cheap and may accomplish what you need.

greetings, Thomas

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