[PD][announce] oggcast~ ogg/vorbis streamer

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Sat Feb 9 17:59:19 CET 2002


which server are you running? We experienced some problems on Win98 with
JRoar, but Linux with JRoar and IceCast2 should work. Do you get any error
messages or does Pd crash?

I just uploaded the latest oggcast~ 0.1c.zip to
ftp://ftp.muart.de/akustische-kunst/pd/oggvorbis/. There are also the
Versions of IceCast2 and JRoar I use on my win2k machine (as well as the
Winamp Plugin needed to play ogg/vorbis streams).
The only bug I can reproduce on my machine is a crash of Pd when the
server refuses to receive the stream (send() in oggcast~ returns an error
message). In this case I get an access violation in vorbis.dll (the
'general' vorbis library on win) and Pd crashes.... I'll try to fix this.


PS: Yves, as you can see there are some problems that need to be solved...
maybe next week: playlist for win...

ppagano at bellsouth.net schrieb:

> i can get neither to work in WIN 98 nor Linux Redhat...
> Olaf Matthes wrote:
> > Hi list,
> >
> > because some of you asked for an ogg/vorbis streamer I made a new
> > external (win & linux):
> >
> > oggcast~ is used to stream ogg/vorbis encoded audio to an IceCast2
> > server. It has been tested with IceCast2 (win32) and JRoar (win &
> > linux). Sources and binarys for both platforms are available at:
> >
> > http://www.akustische-kunst.de/puredata/oggcast.html
> >
> > There are still some features missing (resampling, user defineable
> > header and so on) but it works anyway. Just give it a try and let me
> > know!
> >
> > Happy streaming...
> >
> > Olaf

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