[PD] build pd without tcl

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Feb 9 21:36:46 CET 2002

hi smoerk and sorry -- you have proved me wrong...

Indeed, there is a bug in sys_startgui() of s_inter.c:  a proper place
for the entire #ifdef NT block starting in line 664 is probably in the
`else' block of `if (sys_nogui)' which ends in line 591.

Feeling ashamed, I downloaded 0.35-test8.msw, and... again you are
right, -nosound etc. options have no effect.  But in 0.34-patch3, which
is the version (if any) I still use in msw, these are working.


Krzysztof Czaja wrote:
> let me guess... there is no such thing as a separate `pd-nogui' program,
> just a `-nogui' option to a `pd' command (btw. under windows the gui
> part is called `pdtcl.dll', not `pd-gui' -- hence the confusion?).
> smoerk wrote:
> ...
> > >It's the "pd-gui" program that needs TCL/TK; you can run "pd -nogui" and
> > >Pd won't even try to start the gui up (so you don't need to compile it.)
> >
> > but there is no pd-gu in the windows build. where could i get a nogui
> > version for windows?

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