[PD] Some basic IEM questions

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Mon Feb 11 03:42:34 CET 2002

Hi -

I would like to implement a sort of score-position display, in which I
might want to show, for example, the current chord/harmony, the next
chord/harmony, and the current beat and the number of beats till the
next chord. I could do this with number and symbol boxes, but I would
like a nicer display where I can control the fonts and colors, etc.

I thought that IEM might be usefull here, but I fear that I am either
missing some important documentation, or I have a version mismatch,
because there are some things I can't figure out about IEM.

My specific questions:

(1) In gui-menue.pd, there is what appears to be some sort of canvas
objects, but it shows only a grey rectangle, and I am not sure what its
purpose is. How do I create such a canvas object, and what does it do?
The right-click menu for this object does not have the "properties"

(2) In 7-quis-INTRO.pd, how are those red boundary lines drawn? 

(3) In many of the IEM help canvases, there are some title drawn in
different fonts and colors than the normal PD comments. How is this
done? Again, right-clicking on them shows a disabled "properties"

Best Regards

Larry Troxler

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