[PD] what is the current state of the support for the Alsa Hammerfall driver?

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Mon Feb 11 22:00:51 CET 2002

> but what is wrong with the oss-drivers ?
> (something is wrong: AES/EBU-in will not work with hw-revision 1.5;
> i think it doesn't work under also too)
> mfg.cd.sadf
> IOhannes

I don't mean to instigate a flame-war, but [according to my personal
opinion] in a nutshell -- a lot. :-(

For instance:
- I cannot run Ardour, nor most of other Alsa-specific apps (whereas the
other way around is in most cases quite possible)
- OSS uses "interleaved" approach to provide multi-channel capabilities,
even for RME that does not have interleaved output. This results in
redundant software resampling (unless something has been dramatically
changed in recent incarnations of the OSS architecture of which I am not
aware, please correct me if I am wrong)
- OSS is a standard propelled by a commercial company (and that is
included in the open-source kernel, somehow I find it hard to believe
that the mix between commercial and open-source is good for the
long-term growth, although retrospectively speaking I am very thankful
to the 4fronttech for providing sound support for the Linux platform
when it needed it the most and when no one else was able/willing to
provide one)
- OSS's interest is in multiple platform support, rather than the
maximum platform-specific performance
- Finally, last time I tried OSS RME Hammerfall driver (v0.8 a couple of
days ago), nothing worked as it was supposed to (although obviously I
did not give it enough of a chance, I am sure).

Thanks for your response nonetheless. I would greatly appreciate it to
hear from someone who has tried a more recent implementation of Alsa, as
well as from the current Pd developers whether they know just how far
away is the stable implementation of ALSA+Hammerfall+PD.

Thanks! Sincerely,


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