[PD] Trying to configure Gem under Linux ... gltt not available

Jim Ruxton cinetron at passport.ca
Mon Feb 11 23:22:27 CET 2002

Ok so I finally got ./configure to work. What I did to get it to work is 
I went back to the gltt site and downloaded the rpm
gltt-devel-2.5.2-2.i386.rpm instead of
gltt-2.5.2-2.i386.rpm which I downloaded first time around . This file 
contained :
The rpm installed them in /usr/lib and now ./configure appears to be 
working. Maybe it would be good to put this information in the Gem FAQ. 
Now the sad ending to this story is that "make" is not finishing or 
creating Gem.pd_linux . There are errors in compiling GemGluObj.cpp
GemGluObj.cpp: In method 'void GemGluObj::typeMess (t_symbol *)':
GemGluObj.cpp:83: 'strcmp` undeclared (first use this function)
GemGluObj.cpp:83: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for 
each function it appears in.)
make[1]: ***[GemGluObj.o] Error 1


Any thoughts on this one. Thanks again for all the help I've been 
getting with this.

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