[PD] Some basic IEM questions

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Tue Feb 12 03:47:46 CET 2002

CK wrote:
> I read:
> > (1) In gui-menue.pd, there is what appears to be some sort of canvas
> > objects, but it shows only a grey rectangle, and I am not sure what its
> > purpose is. How do I create such a canvas object, and what does it do?
> > The right-click menu for this object does not have the "properties"
> > enabled.
> there should be a hot spot in the upper left corner of the canvas which
> will open a properties dialog when right clicked where you can set the
> dimensions, label text and font
> > (2) In 7-quis-INTRO.pd, how are those red boundary lines drawn?
> they are just very thin canvasses
> > (3) In many of the IEM help canvases, there are some title drawn in
> > different fonts and colors than the normal PD comments. How is this
> see (1)
> hope that helps,
> atb
> x

Thanks very much for the help, CK. So, after now finding the hotspot and
looking at the properties for the canvas object, I conclude that it is
really only designed to display a single label in a single font and a
single color. From its name, I was thinking it was a sort of general
purpose display area where a number of graphics could somehow be

Not a big problem - I will try graphically adjoining a number of these
for my purposes....

(Or let me me know, of course, if my understanding is not correct...)


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