[PD] USB MIDISPORT 2x2 works with PD under Linux

kurt at starbot.be kurt at starbot.be
Tue Feb 12 21:25:41 CET 2002

I have the 'midiman USB midisport 2x2' working with pd on Win 2000.
Start up pd with '-listdev' which should show you all the midi inputs and
outputs (connected devices + virtual midi ports) available on your system to
Next time you start pd use '-midiindev #', with '#' being the number of the
device you want to use.

I receive notes, controlers,.....
But I'm connected with a midi network (1 master), on which there is a midi
clock running, and I cant get the midi-sync in pd (bpm, start-stop, ...)

----> any ideas on this ?

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Onderwerp: Re: [PD] USB MIDISPORT 2x2 works with PD under Linux

Thanks for the update.  The question is-- are you still able to use the
MIDIMAN w/ windows (assuming you ever did)?


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