[PD] [announce] Max-PD C++ compatibility layer v 0.1 / xsample objects v0.2

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Tue Feb 12 23:27:07 CET 2002

Hi list,
here is a first version of the Max-PD C++ compatibility layer for PD and Max
It is GEM style, hence a lot of code is borrowed from this package, but many
things have been added to fit for Max/MSP. There are still unsufficiencies,
but it should be possible to write standard message and dsp handling
externals with very few preprocessor defines separating PD and Max code.
Find an overview in the package file readme.txt.



As an example how the above max-pd package is used, take a look at the
source of the strictly C++ written xsample objects (at the moment built only
for Windows).
These externals (xgroove~,xplay~,xrecord~) are flexible and fast objects for
doing sample stuff with buffers/arrays (based on the functionality of the
respective Max/MSP objects). Some simplistic help patches are included but
much more features are yet not well documented.


have fun,

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