[PD] licensing

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Feb 13 11:43:30 CET 2002

hi all,

what license would be the most appropriate for a `vexing' library
of Pd externals, that I am going to release this week, and in which
I use snippets from GPLed sfront, MITed Csound, and Pd?  The code
is either written from scratch, or completely rewritten, _but_
after careful reading of sfront, Csound, and Pd code -- and it shows.

The external in question is vex_gen, which fills Pd arrays according
to saol wavetable generators (if fed with anythings) or Csound f
statements (if fed with lists).

Of course, I would prefer Pd license, but what if in order to use that
I would have to apply for ``specific prior permission from M.I.T''?
(I do not know even, if my country is not under high-tech embargo of
any sort;-)


first smoerk wrote:
> i would prefer a license like bsd or the pd license. nothing against
> gpl, but for such a general thing, it would be better to have a
> license, which gives the author of a new external the freedom to choose

then Thomas Grill wrote:
> As i see it (and read it in the gpl.txt file), the GPL grants you the
> freedom to do with the code what you want, and also change and redistribute
> it as long as you state what the sources are and as long as you make the
> source code available to the public again.
> This is just my intention: as i learned a lot of things out of the open
> sources from pd, GEM and other packages, other people should be given that
> opportunity as well. If there is any further problem please let me know.

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