[PD] porting MAX objects to PD/ csound~

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 14 10:58:47 CET 2002

Dave Phillips said at Re: [PD] porting MAX objects to PD/ csound~.
[2002/02/12 03:47]

> CK wrote:
> > > I think the csound~ object is supposed to be open-sourced in some 
> form or
> > > another.
> > 
> > not on the website, just patches an external and a precompiled csoundlib
> > 
> > I'll nevertheless try to contact him about it (actually I did that a few
> > days ago when he first mentioned it on the cs list)
> Was anything ever done about this ? I'd really like to have the csound~
> object for Linux Pd...

I am not sure. There was mention of intergrating csound and pd through 
named pipes, with reported succes, but no public code. 
The sources for the csound max object are available via csounds.com now, 
but I am wondering if it would not be better to jack-ify csound-VST.

best regards


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