[PD] what is the current state of the support for the Alsa Hammerfall driver?

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Thu Feb 14 11:11:29 CET 2002

The biggest problem currently with ALSA is the .asoundrc file.
 With a hammerfall it is usually neccesary to set up one, unless you want 
to use non-interleaved 24 channel audio. This thing is _really_ poorly 
documented, but if you search on alsa-dev you can find examples that help a 
I think that most problems come from not setting up the correct audio 
device for the application using ALSA's conversion library, but instead 
trying to access the hw directly with some format that the hardware doesn't 

Another quick fix is to use plughw:0,0 as your devicename in stead of hw:0,0

I think pd will work with any card that can use 'aplay' to playback sound.


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