[PD] what is the current state of the support for the Alsa Hammerfall driver?

Ivica Bukvic ico at fuse.net
Thu Feb 14 19:11:07 CET 2002

> You asked me about support for a driver that is free and *working*
> I told you that you should remove the alsa driver before you try
> loading the rme96xx driver, and the next thing I hear from you is
> that you are lamenting on a public list about  my driver not working.

Well, I did get it to do stereo well, but multichannel stuff did not
work (all other channel pairs except for the first stereo pair outputted
garbage -- possibly due to fact I am using internal RME's A/D D/A
brackets, rather than a dedicated external A/D D/A converter). At that
point I had no errors that the driver reported, yet the thing did not
work right, and that left me with no options to pursue... So, I did not
give up on it that easily :-).

> Maybe this made me overreact a bit.
> Sorry, and thank you for pointing out the problems you see with OSS,
> be assured that personally I think that ALSA is much superiour
> to OSS, but at the same time you might accept that I had very good
> for writing the OSS driver. (which was actually not much more than
> changing Winfrieds driver to include interleaved mode for standard OSS
> apps).
> Guenter

I hope that you understand that I am not trying to put down your
contribution to the Linux community (that would have been extremely rude
on my part). I know that you have contributed A LOT to the community
already. I was simply trying to explain myself as to why I am using
Alsa, and thus am inquiring about its compatibility with the current
version of PD.
Well, at least I am glad we understand each other now better :-).


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