[PD] OpenSound Control / sendOSC

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Fri Feb 15 21:12:45 CET 2002

Andrew (Andy) W. Schmeder about Re: [PD] OpenSound Control / sendOSC / Today

 |> Does someone use the OSC external with the sendOSC client? I have the
 |> impression the OSC external is not compatible with sendOSC.
 |The [sendOSC]/[dumpOSC] objects work fine for me.
 |this is the version I'm using:
 |OSCroute object version 1.05 by Matt Wright. pd-fication cxc
 |OSCroute Copyright © 1999 Regents of the University of California. All
 |Rights Reserved.
 |OSC: Open Sound Control 4 PD, http://www.cnmat.berkeley.edu/OSC
 |OSC: original code by matt wright, pd hakcs cxc
 |OSC: ver: 0.02b, compiled: Dec 14 2001

here again:
there's a slightly new version of OSC 4 pd whihc fixes the bug that
wouldnt let 2 instances of sendOSC actually send to 2 different
destinations due to scope of socket fd dilemma which i think was post
dec 14 2001, didnt increase the version number thou

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