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Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Feb 16 22:28:26 CET 2002


Would you consider simplifying installation (and saving many
> of the future maintenance headaches), by using a dynamic loading
> scheme for your tcl code?

ok, i've simplified installation for grid and pianoroll,
it' now the standard :

make clean
make install

krystof's solution helped in that process
but i preferred to rewrite his script
in bash instead of python 
to avoid "broken python" error reports.

the trick used there should be included in external's authoring HOWTO.
details are available in archives.



PS : neutrino's laptop show tomorrow in Paris
[ 15 rue saint fiacre             -     75002
                 m° bonne nouvelle ]

not in that order :
_______ boca raton _  zona fumatori 
_______erich zahn/re;pot _ o;lamm _ mjc
_____syncopated elevators legacy _ rawakari
__________________ jimmy t _ stuntman 5       -
___________________________kow-mori         -

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