[PD] linux basics and rme drivers

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 18 19:12:33 CET 2002

marius schebella said at Ò[PD] linux basics and rme driversÓ.
[2002/02/18 12:13]

> any help is welcome.
> marius.

The bad news is: the multiface cards are not the same as the 'normal' 
hammerfall cards. As I understood it, Paul Davis the writer of the ALSA-
drivers for the hamerfall will write the drivers  for the multiface cards, 
as soon as has the info from RME. 
For more information you should look at the mailinglists of www.alsa-
Or try search on google, since the mailinglists are not searchable.

The good news is that pd will run on windows, and that Paul Davis is a very 
fast programmer.



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