[PD] xeq documentation?

Joseph Zitt jzitt at metatronpress.com
Mon Feb 18 20:27:05 CET 2002

I would be eager to work on developing standardized PD docs. I've
been a tech writer and (a still fairly newbie) PD user, and I've
had some thoughts as to how this could work. I do think that
DocBook would probably be the best way to develop them for
maximum flexibility (though I haven't yet used it myself).

On Mon, Feb 18, 2002 at 02:28:35PM +0100, Krzysztof Czaja wrote:

> thank you both for the advice.  The ultimate goal is to use one
> source for html, ps (via TeX), and help windows available in Pd
> itself.  I have been thinking for some time about designing
> a common documentation framework for Pd builtins and externals,
> and such was the primary purpose of my never released `spy' project,
> now all but abandoned due to the Pd API's recent rapid changes.

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