[PD] xeq documentation?

jfm3 jfm3 at ouroboros-complex.org
Mon Feb 18 21:06:05 CET 2002

This almost suggests adding hypertext and fancy printing to Pd, rather
than hacking Pd into another documentation system. If Pd patches could
be saved as XML...

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 14:40, Miller Puckette wrote:
> The thing would live as both a regular paper book and as hypertext.  It
> would have a theoretical and practical guide to audio DSP with the
> Pd reference patches as examples, but with more diagrams showing, for
> instance, how to calculate desirable sizes of lookup tables.
> In book form, all the patches would show up as figures with captions. 
> In the hypertext version, they'd still look like figures but you'd be able
> to turn them on and hear what they do...
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