[PD] linux basics and rme drivers (fwd)

Johannes Taelman Johannes.Taelman at rug.ac.be
Tue Feb 19 00:18:00 CET 2002

About hammerfall DSP in linux:

Try booting windows and rebooting to linux, to keep the firmware uploaded.
Make sure the host-error led does not flag. At that point it may have a
very similar interface as the original hammerfall. It may also not be the
case. I didn't try it.

I don't get very good latencies with the rme hdsp in win2k. 30 ms at 96kHz
is barely usable with almost no cpu load. ASIO drivers may solve this
under win2k, and that can't be far away since ASIO is available in
portaudio and pd uses portaudio already.

Johannes Taelman

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