[PD] some interesting info regarding RME-Alsa (0.9) and PD (and other 0.35.9 suggestions)

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Tue Feb 19 10:46:10 CET 2002

Ivica Bukvic said at ÒRE: [PD] some interesting info regarding RME-Alsa 
(0.9) and PD (and  other 0.35.9 suggestions)Ó.
[2002/02/18 19:55]
> -blocksize, plughw:1,0 and all that, but I always end-up with the same
> error:
> audio I/O stuck... closing audio
> I tried also fragszie that is ^2 based without success.
> So my question to you is, what version of Alsa are you using and what
> are the exact parameters you use to get Pd working, as well as how does
> your asoundrc file look like?
 My linux box is in the theatre right now, I will look tonight. I am not 
using anything fancy. alsa 0.9b10. 
I am not using a hammerfall card, but a RME 8 channel card, which is very 
different hardware. I used to have endless problems getting it to work, but 
that turned out to be IRQ conflicts. It seems that alsa has become a little 
more sensitive to those with version 0.9.
Looking at the code, I would say that any card you can get to work with 
aplay should work with pd, but apperently this is not the case.
Have you tried the -noadc and -nodac options ? I once got rid of similar 
stuck audio when I only used the output. 



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