[PD] boxless graphs?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Feb 19 17:44:17 CET 2002

hi Miller,

would you consider providing a mechanism for boxless graphs?

I.e. the graphs with non-text widgetbehavior when in !x->gl_isgraph
state.  It is now important for me to know, whether something like
that is planned for the future, or if this is just a wild silly idea.

The reason is mainly selfish:  not having such mechanism hampers my
efforts both to design a poly~-alike external, and to finish coding
`vex_multi' thing -- a vector collection being part of vexing library
(release postponed, sorry).

Btw. it is a bit confusing to have a [graph] box left after clearing
show-on-parent property of a graph, like one with an array in it, or
one created with `graph' message to canvas, etc., while there is no
such thing -- one cannot type "graph" into a box to make a graph.
I am not suggesting that graphs other than subcanvases should be
boxless, but either clearing their graph-on-parent flag should be
prohibited, or text shown in the box should reflect a valid message
to objectmaker.


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