[PD] 0.35 test series observations

Miha Tomšič miha.tomsic at guest.arnes.si
Tue Feb 19 21:56:57 CET 2002

	Hello Miller et al.

Here is something I've been noticeing during this series of pd releases. 

When I am passing the array graph (the graphic array box inside a normal
pd window) with a mouse, there are lots of glitches in the output sound
eventhough I am using -rt. I guess it started with test5. I just tested
and it doesn't happen in test4 yet.

The same thing was going on till test9. Not only it happens in boxed graph
but also in the newly introduced windowed graph and the drawing feature.

The test10 is even worse: the slugish mouse motion and the output "static"
is present while passing any pd patch.

The drawing inside graphic arrays is very CPU intensive on my Celeron 450
the load is between 1 and 2.

- using debian woody Linux


 - Miha Tomšič --- C. na postajo 55 -- SI-1351 Brezovica pri Lj. --- SLOVENIA -

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