[PD] ASIO for win NT/2K

Michael Casey mkc at media.mit.edu
Wed Feb 20 00:24:46 CET 2002

I compiled an ASIO version of PD using PortAudio v1.7 with the beta ASIO
drivers and Steinberg's ASIO 2.0 SDK. The program compiled successfully
using s_mac.c and s_portaudio.c with MSVC++ 6.0.

Both audio input and output are working as tested on a DIGIGRAM VxPocket
v2.0 PCMCIA audio card running on a Sony Vaio under win2k with the latest
driver package from Digigram (v4.4c). I tested it with a microphone and
monitor speakers.

The software reports 12ms latency for each device: i.e. 24ms I/O latency.
This corresponds with what I heard and is a significant improvement over
the ~350ms latency reported when using the Microsoft Wave or DirectX

Here's the PortAudio startup report:

MIDI: not yet implemented
PaASIO_QueryDeviceInfo: numDrivers = 1
PaASIO_QueryDeviceInfo: InputChannels = 2
PaASIO_QueryDeviceInfo: OutputChannels = 2
PortAudio : possible sample rate = 32000
PortAudio : possible sample rate = 44100
PortAudio : possible sample rate = 48000
PortAudio : minSize = 504
PortAudio : preferredSize = 512
PortAudio : maxSize = 2016
PortAudio : granularity = 126
PortAudio : User buffer size = 128
PortAudio : ASIO buffer size = 512
PortAudio : Minimum BufferOffset for Output = 0
PortAudio : ASIOCreateBuffers with size = 512
PortAudio : InputLatency = 572 latency = 12 msec
PortAudio : OuputLatency = 572 latency = 12 msec

To do: create a new file called s_nt_asio.c that includes the NT MIDI
interfaces as well as the PortAudio calls from s_mac.c. Has someone done
this already ? If not, I'll try and make it.

Best regards,

Mike Casey

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> Hi all,
> There's a Pd "portaudio" interface (in s_mac.c and s_portaudio.c), and
> portaudio supports ASIO in "beta"... see
> http://www.portaudio.com/
> So in principle you can get Pd to talk to ASIO by just linking it all
> toghether. I haven't tried this because I don't have any soundcards in my
> Windows machine that support ASIO.

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