[PD] 0.35 test series observations

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Feb 20 13:58:17 CET 2002


not a real profiling, just a simple measurement of a graph_getrect()
execution time.  If there is a graph in a patch, this routine is
called once for every mouse movement message from the gui.

The figures below are for a test patch with nothing but a single
100000-element (~2.5s) array in it, measured on an 866Mhz linux box
(with -rt flag):

0.35-test10: avg. 49 mili(sic)sec, peak 71ms

0.35-test4: avg. 1.9 micro(sic)sec, peak 3us

This gives ratio of 25789.  For a 100-element array this is 57us
vs 1.5us, giving the ratio of 38.

The (apparent, not measured) variance is pretty small in both cases.
I did not measured graph_getrect() in test9, because of its recursive


Krzysztof Czaja wrote:
> the primary suspect is the graph_getrect() routine...
> Miha Tomšič wrote:
> ...
> > The test10 is even worse: the slugish mouse motion and the output "static"
> > is present while passing any pd patch.

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