[PD] samplebox~ ??, 2nd

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Feb 22 04:37:23 CET 2002


> so, it compiled fine, but still the trouble goes on. i can't hear any
> sound.
> the soundfile loads fine, though. 
> i'm missing the "countund" external. can this be the reason for the
> silence ?
> or is it just used for another feature of "samplebox~", and samplebox~
> should work without it?

it should work without it,
it's only used for ping-pong effect.

the no-sound symptom is weird :

you've got to load a sound file in the table,
then record it and then play it back -- no more brilliant idea.

btw, this one's not so good, varying speed
doesn't work and,
if i'd fancy to fix that, 
i'd need to redesign everything.



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