[PD] Compiling PD externals

Mark Danks mdanks at Stormfront.com
Fri Feb 22 17:43:43 CET 2002

  If you go to the settings for the project, you can turn off pre-compiled
headers.  It is in the Project/Settings... menu.  Go to the C/C++ tab and go
to Precompiled Headers.  The simplest way is to set it to either "Not using
precompiled headers" or automatic use without specifying a "through header".

Later, Mark

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> Sorry to add yet another tedious and over asked question to 
> this mailing
> list but I really need some help.  I am trying to write some pd
> externals and decided to start by using the tutorial example
> "Helloworld".  BUT Visual C++ WILL NOT compile it, it simply says
> DIRECTIVE".  I really don't know what to do, and yes I have looked
> through the archives and still found nothing.  I just need to know how
> to set up Visual C++ for pd.  PLEASE help me someone!!

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