AW: [PD] loadbang for externals

Thomas Grill t.grill at
Fri Feb 22 18:37:04 CET 2002

> The only example I know of is the "loadbang" object, for which it makes no
> sense to have it emit a "bang" before you connect it to anything...!
> Actions to be taken on object creation can be put in the "new" routine.
> However, perhaps there are examples of actions that should be taken for
> all new objects, but, if it's being restored from a file, should
> only happen
> once the object is fully connected and the rest of the patch is intact.
> I can't think of any examples of that offhand...

Is it the case that in PD all arrays are readily accessible at the creation
of the other objects?
I never problems with this, but i'd like to be sure that i wasn't just

In Max/MSP i always have to use loadbang instead of the new routine when
using a buffer~  (same as an array in pd) as an argument to an object. They
seem to have no special treatment there and are created just in time with
the other objects of a patcher.


flext, xsample etc.

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