[PD] loadbang for externals

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Fri Feb 22 19:17:43 CET 2002

Hi Miller, hi all,

I've a question concerning the 'timing' of pd. I once had difficulties to load
several soundfiles into arrays using loadbang. Pd reported "audio I/O stuck..." and
crashed. A workaround was to delay the loadbang by several ms each before loading
the next soundfile.
Now I have problems with my oggcast~/oggamp~ externals when connecting to the server
via the net. Using a "connect" message sort of stops pd, i.e. audio out stops and
goes on after the connection has been established. But sometimes pd crashes
reporting the same "audio I/O stuck..." as last message...
My question now is if this is due to the architecture of Pd and if there are any
ways to avoid it. I allways thought only the perform routine to be time critical but
now I begin to realise that everything has to fit inbetween two dsp calls. Is this
right? If yes, is there no multithreading inside Pd (in the windows version) to have
non-signal routines running in a second thread? (my externals use multithreading
just for encoding / decoding and data transmission via TCP since this would halt the
performe routine)


Miller Puckette schrieb:

> There is a problem in that Pd doesn't warn objects properly when they're
> getting freed... the free() routine gets called right before the object
> is destroyed adn you don't have a chance to open a save() dialog if you
> want to save internal state separately.  I want to fix that for a future
> release.
> cheers
> Miller

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