[Csnd] [PD] release of csound~ for pd

Stefan Kersten steve at k-hornz.de
Sun Feb 24 02:27:12 CET 2002

"Matt J. Ingalls" wrote:
> > > whats the 'noheader' option?
> >
> > raw output without soundfile header.
> if its real-time then i think any header option or -h is ignored

in pd's csound~-object csound doesn't even know it runs in
realtime; it just issues its standard blocking reads/writes
from/to the supplied fifo-files. therefore the no-header flag is
required and a default floating-point output range would really be
appreciable; no problem to scale if i know which range to convert
from! OTOH, if a 1:1 mapping from orc amplitudes to output
amplitudes is defined behavior it's OK, too: then it's up to the
user to stick to the desired output range within the orchestra.


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