[Csnd] [PD] release of csound~ for pd

Stefan Kersten steve at k-hornz.de
Sun Feb 24 11:04:35 CET 2002

"Matt J. Ingalls" wrote:
> csound~ doesnt know, but csound does?

i lost track of what i was trying to communicate :)

the csound process started by csound~ writes to/reads from fifos
as if they were regular soundfiles. i'm not sure how the -L
command line flag changes its (csound's) notion of running in

> btw, how is csound~ [pd] sending control signals?
> for csound~ [msp] [and maccsound] i created these 'invalue' and
> 'outvalue' opcodes for receiving/sending k-rate [float] values.

that sounds cool. how do you access the control slots from msp? do
they show up as additional inlets/outlets or do you send/receive a
message? how does msp transfer the values to the csound process?

what we get away with currently is using separate control
instruments and sending control changes as score parameters to
these, but i guess eventually the OSC opcodes could be reworked
and used instead.


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