AW: [PD] pyrite

Thomas Grill t.grill at
Sun Feb 24 11:35:28 CET 2002

> is there something like pyrite for pd? i never used pyrite, but i love
> supercollider. some things are so much simpler to program in
> supercollider. on the other hand i like the click and drag way in pd,
> but sometimes it gets very complicated and cluttered.

I don't know pyrite (and the only thing my quick and dirty web search
brought up deals with Palm handhelds), but I'm completely with you what
concerns the lack of versatile scripting capabilities.

The ideal solution would be embeddable script boxes that can use pd objects
as classes, their methods as methods and their inputs/outputs as variables.
Of course some existing, widespread, mature scripting language should be
used, possibly python or perl.
To all the experts out there: is it possible to define abstract data types
in these languages and implement all their methods in C/C++ code modules?

> also i'm missing some abstractions. in supercollider it's no problem to
> scale a patch from 1 to 4 to 16 channels. how could i make a patch with
> 48 channels, without drawing lots of lines? maybe it's possible and i
> just don't know it.

That will be possible once Krzysztof has finished his eagerly awaited poly
See Max/MSP for reference.


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