[PD] Compiling PD externals

John Heenan john at auscyber.com
Sun Feb 24 12:19:18 CET 2002

Right clicking on project name and selecting 'Add Files To Project' from
context menu will open a file dialog box to enable existing source files to
be added in to the project workspace.

John Heenan

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I have little problems with the following approach to using makefile based
projects within the MS Visual C++ IDE. In fact it makes project management
very convenient.

1. Ensure you have a working makefile for a project (such as a skeleton
project) that works from the command line.
2. Open the makefile as a workspace in MS Visual C++ (File, Open Workspace).
Specify files of Type 'makefile' with  File name '*' to ensure makefiles
without extensions can be chosen (as occurs in PD).
You can compile your project as is without any sourcefiles visible in the
project workspace
3. Add in source files to the project workspace as appropriate.

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