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mark mark at junklight.com
Sun Feb 24 18:40:37 CET 2002


its a hard balance the whole dev/making music thing and its easy
with PD to get distracted making things rather than making music.

However in between the recent birth of my son and writing some
PD externals I have managed to make some music using PD. You can
find it here:


And as for the why? PD to me is a very intuitve way of working. Prior to
PD I used the Nord micro modular and my creamware modular a lot - building
frameworks within which musical performances where possible. PD
frees me from a lot of the traditional limitations of modulars - in
the ability to work with samples on a very low level.



junklight - dark experimental electronics

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there's a lot of discussion on the list about how to get things to work,
externals, programming, etc... all that stuff is great and very helpfull.
but PD is meant for artists to use in creating art.  i'd like to see/hear
about some of the stuff everybody is doing with PD/GEM and how/why they do
it.  nobody seems to talk about why they need to learn all this

so if anybody is doing anything interesting with PD send a message to the
list.. or if the list doens't want it, just send it to me.


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