[PD] work

Norbert Math math at iem.kug.ac.at
Sun Feb 24 21:21:08 CET 2002


due to the 'volatility' of list messages i started to
collect your answers under
feel free to edit, erase, add, whatever

n (still too lazy to update the pure data base - shame on me!) 

On Sun, 24 Feb 2002, Matthew Nish-Lapidus wrote:

> hi,
> there's a lot of discussion on the list about how to get things to work,
> externals, programming, etc... all that stuff is great and very helpfull.
> but PD is meant for artists to use in creating art.  i'd like to see/hear
> about some of the stuff everybody is doing with PD/GEM and how/why they do
> it.  nobody seems to talk about why they need to learn all this
> information..
> so if anybody is doing anything interesting with PD send a message to the
> list.. or if the list doens't want it, just send it to me.
> thanks,
> matt.

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