[PD] pyrite

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Feb 25 11:11:52 CET 2002

hi Thomas and all,

I have put the poly~ project aside, not even realizing it is eagerly
awaited.  Several ``balloon probes'' I have been sending to this list
failed to uncover that...

After all, it is Miller who has the final say here.  He can do this
better than me.  He can look into Pd's future.  The poor rabin~ is
just made to suit my current very simple needs, _and_ in the hope
it could help (or provoke) designing of the proper thing.

Same goes for a score follower -- the xeq_follow is a crap, it is not
a universal tool, but it is just what I need to have now.


Btw. poly~ does not scale to multi-channel, all its voices are mixed.

Thomas Grill wrote:
> > also i'm missing some abstractions. in supercollider it's no problem to
> > scale a patch from 1 to 4 to 16 channels. how could i make a patch with
> > 48 channels, without drawing lots of lines? maybe it's possible and i
> > just don't know it.
> That will be possible once Krzysztof has finished his eagerly awaited poly
> implementation.
> See Max/MSP for reference.

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