scaling of outchans was Re: [PD] pyrite

_-¯-_ jdl at
Mon Feb 25 12:51:16 CET 2002

 |it is also only single channel.. duplicating an object across multiple
 |channels is really a completely different dimension to work in. it could
 |theoretically be done in the same way that i made nqpoly.. and then
 |perhaps you could wrap an nqpoly instance in this new object to get a
 |polyphonic multichannel abstraction to build itself automatically..
 |ouch... :)

keep the 'spatialisation' module within the nqpolyfied patch, that
throw~s its output onto the main out busses, so the outlet~ chain of
nqpoly~ is actually idle. the location parameter is just passed in with
the trigger list.

if i need distribution over differnt number of channels i edit spat.pd
once (or cp spat_8.pd spat.pd) and reload the whole thing (ctrl+q,
alt+y, cursor up, enter)


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