AW: [PD] Scripting

Thomas Grill t.grill at
Mon Feb 25 12:54:59 CET 2002

> I gave some serious thought to the scripting thing last night. I
> am thinking
> of building a "python" external that would allow simple scripts - you
> would make make an object:
> 	py scriptname
> which would take a python class that is similar in structure to
> the external
> "class" structure used by externals currently - obviously a bit
> more simple.
> No DSP of course (can't imagine it would be vaguely fast enough). Python
> is a good fit with PD I belive - it does good list type manipulation (in
> fact
> it will be easy to write a set of list manipulation externals which I have
> been
> wanting for a while now) and its got some quite nifty features. Oh and I
> want
> to learn it which strikes me as a good a reason as any ;-)
> So - does anyone have any requests for features or things I should be
> considering?

Hi Mark, please do it!

What concerns dsp and existing pd objects i thought that it would be
desirable in the future to be able to use this (with a fairly complex glue
layer and some restrictions for the usable objects, of course) inside the
python code as well. Maybe, pd classes could thus be mangled into python
classes and used within the script.
Naturally, this would impose a lot of design and coding work (if it is
possible after all...)


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