[PD] pyrite

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Feb 25 14:12:57 CET 2002


I have just tried embedding grain~.pd abstraction (the one used in
nqpoly~-test.pd) in rabin~.  Maximum number of non-crackling voices
in nqpoly~-test.pd on my 800Mhz box is 90.  In rabin~ it went down
to 75.  The reason why rabin~ is slower is my checking for under-
and overflows in each of the voices before adding to the mixdown.
The reason why nqpoly~ does not have this penalty is that if there
are several signals input into one inlet, they are all summed
without checking (vide plus_perf8()).

Without these checks rabin~'s performance is exactly equal to
nqpoly~'s.  Further speedup is probably impossible.

The question is:  are the checks necessary in this context?


pix wrote:
> tell, my nqpoly~ abstraction does at least what rabin~ is trying to do...
> only it does it using a self-constructing abstraction rather than as an
> external. still, it gets pretty good performance.

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