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Ben Bogart - FMPM/F1999 bbogart at acs.ryerson.ca
Mon Feb 25 16:03:20 CET 2002

tcl might not work for a lot of needs, but how difficult would it be to 
have a tcl scripting external? Allows some quite complex operations, fast 
array searches and of course easy GUI creation. I currently have a tcl 
script that writes an array of 100+ gem objects, it would be neat to have 
this script exist inside a "script" object. 

whats the advantage of python of tcl? since the interpreter is already 


On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, mark wrote:

> Hi,
> I gave some serious thought to the scripting thing last night. I am thinking
> of building a "python" external that would allow simple scripts - you
> would make make an object:
> 	py scriptname
> which would take a python class that is similar in structure to the external
> "class" structure used by externals currently - obviously a bit more simple.
> No DSP of course (can't imagine it would be vaguely fast enough). Python
> is a good fit with PD I belive - it does good list type manipulation (in
> fact
> it will be easy to write a set of list manipulation externals which I have
> been
> wanting for a while now) and its got some quite nifty features. Oh and I
> want
> to learn it which strikes me as a good a reason as any ;-)
> So - does anyone have any requests for features or things I should be
> considering?
> cheers
> mark

B. Bogart

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