[PD] yves' grid for NT/2K

joge . gboy at nycap.rr.com
Tue Feb 26 05:37:31 CET 2002

i have done some windows filesystem programming before so it would be all
that difficult just need to find some time.

as for the sonogram , i am using the pthreads_win32 library from redhat,
however it doesnt seem to be able to find the system call usleep() .  if any
one knows how to get around this using the pthreads_win32 library or the
some other library , please let me know .

again what ever i get compiled i will post on the web at

joge .

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> > i am working on getting playlist to work on nt .. but there seems to be
> > compatiablilty issues with the file system calls ..
> yes, there's a real port effort to do there
> ( as well as for sonogram~ ).
> olaf used to help but
> i'm afraid he's away.
> cheers,
> Yves/

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