[PD] Compiling PD externals

John Fentiman jsf103 at york.ac.uk
Tue Feb 26 11:12:04 CET 2002

Where exactly can I get a pd dsw from?  Is it something I have to create or
can I download one from the web somewhere?
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> On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, jsf103 wrote:
> > Sorry to add yet another tedious and over asked question to this mailing
> > list but I really need some help.  I am trying to write some pd
> > externals and decided to start by using the tutorial example
> > "Helloworld".  BUT Visual C++ WILL NOT compile it, it simply says
> > DIRECTIVE".  I really don't know what to do, and yes I have looked
> > through the archives and still found nothing.  I just need to know how
> > to set up Visual C++ for pd.  PLEASE help me someone!!
> (Mark already answered to this one)
> if you still have problems try getting a pd-library (for windows) that
> already has a vc-workspace (*.dsw)
> pe: zexy, iemlib
> delete the source-files in your project-manager window and insert yours.
> and maybe you will have to edit the project-properties to export
> helloworld_setup instead of orglib_setup (pe: zexy_setup)
> i don't know right now because there is no vc right at hand.
> if you want to create your own workspace be sure to insert the correct
> source-paths to the pd-includes (to find m_pd.h which is in pd/src) and
> the linker-paths to the pd-libs (pd.lib which is in pd/bin)
> nevertheless, you might have to edit these paths even if you use already
> existing workspaces to match your installation.
> mfg.cdas.r
> IOhannes
> ps: gosh, it is really time to add a "compiling??"-section to the HOWTO.
> please, can anyone send me instructions for alternative windows-compilers
> (cygwin, borland-builder,...) since i have none of these
> >
> >

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