AW: [PD] [announce] flext 0.1.1 / xsample 0.2.1 / idelay 0.0.1

Bryan Jurish moocow at
Wed Feb 27 00:30:10 CET 2002

Thomas Grill wrote:
 > > In fact, I can't rebuild flext or xsample at the moment, because I always
 > > get an "Internal compiler error", using gcc in version 2.95.4. Your
 > > binaries work fine, though...
 > I did the build with gcc 2.95.2 which works fine for flext.

gcc 2.95.2 compiled flext for me, as well.  it does give me
"internal compiler error" for xsample, however.

 > What concerns Linux I would like to hear if anyone has made experiences with
 > the gcc 3.0 series (before i try it out...). Anybody using it?

gcc 3.0.3 compiles both flext and xsample for me -- i can't seem to
get xsample loaded into pd though ("shared library not present"
or somesuch) -- but i compiled pd with gcc 2.95.2, so perhaps
that has something to do with it...


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