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Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Feb 27 17:26:19 CET 2002

marco wrote:
> Hi, I would be very excited to pix_dv to work.
> Unfortunately, there are some problems compiling...
> (I am using a highly modified Redhat 7.1 machine)
> Since there is no ./configure script for makeauxlibs, I had to edit the
>   Makefile for glm so that it would find glut.h in /usr/X11R6/include.
> (Perhaps a configure for makeauxlibs would be a good idea, as many
> people probably don't have those libs, I couldn't find glm quickly using
> google (and the top-level configure was blocking on that).  Then I saw
> you had included it!)

Ja, I think compiling Gem could be easier, but it looks like the sources
are prepared for cross-platform use. Still, reading the README.build
notes make it clear what needs done. IMO, the AuxLibs stuff needs a
'make install' too.

> Which version of libdv should I use? I did not find this in the Docs.

IOannes might be asleep now (he spent yesterday helping me compile Gem,
I think I wore him out ;) so I'll repeat what he advised me. Yes, you
want the Heroine Warrior libquicktime stuff; IOannes also suggested
using libmpeg3 instead of libmpeg, and there are some code bugs that he
may have fixed now in the sources. Also, the configure script needs a
little more attention. But remember, this version is an alpha release.

I've tested his examples for pix_film and pix_movie: pix_film worked
great, but I had problems with pix_movie that I'll investigate today.

Best regards,

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