[PD] [announce][Gem] well, here it is....

marco marco4linux at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 27 21:49:32 CET 2002

I did not mean my mail to be a criticism.
Yes the README.build is very clear.

Perhaps I am not knowledgeable enough to be an alpha version user, but I 
have been so dying to get a film or movie object working under linux 
that I wanted to jump on this opportunity.  And let Iohannes know there 
is the desire for this work.

If I can be of any help getting these objects working easily for as many 
users as possible.  Please let me help.

Perhaps this is my lack of knowledge but I still can't get this version 
to compile with the heroine warrior libs... It blocks on the libdv 
stuff.  I tried compiling just pix_film, or pix_movie but this is a bit 
over my head :( .  I'll have to read more on how to compile an external 
for pd.

I'll be watching this thread with great excitement.


Dave Phillips wrote:
> marco wrote:
>>Which version of libdv should I use? I did not find this in the Docs.
> IOannes might be asleep now (he spent yesterday helping me compile Gem,
> I think I wore him out ;) so I'll repeat what he advised me. Yes, you
> want the Heroine Warrior libquicktime stuff; IOannes also suggested
> using libmpeg3 instead of libmpeg, and there are some code bugs that he
> may have fixed now in the sources. Also, the configure script needs a
> little more attention. But remember, this version is an alpha release.
> I've tested his examples for pix_film and pix_movie: pix_film worked
> great, but I had problems with pix_movie that I'll investigate today.
> Best regards,
> == Dave Phillips
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