[PD] [announce][Gem] well, here it is....

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Feb 28 09:46:13 CET 2002

marco wrote:
> I did not mean my mail to be a criticism.
> Yes the README.build is very clear.
> Perhaps I am not knowledgeable enough to be an alpha version user, but I
> have been so dying to get a film or movie object working under linux
> that I wanted to jump on this opportunity.  And let Iohannes know there
> is the desire for this work.

well, since there obviously was such demand for movie/film-objects under
linux and people wanted to have dv-support i decided to release this
(pre-)alpha version of the stuff, and lo! here we are.

> If I can be of any help getting these objects working easily for as many
> users as possible.  Please let me help.
> Perhaps this is my lack of knowledge but I still can't get this version
> to compile with the heroine warrior libs... It blocks on the libdv
> stuff.  I tried compiling just pix_film, or pix_movie but this is a bit
> over my head :( .  I'll have to read more on how to compile an external
> for pd.

well, seems funny, but the same goes for me!
i wrote the code at home using libquicktime4linux-dev 1.3-4 (that's
debian's version number; and i hope i am remembering it right).
there certainly is the libdv-stuff included, as it is documented in
so i was quite sure, that it would be no problem anywhere.
since many of you brave alpha-testers mailed me, that the source was
kind of uncompilable, i tried to compile it myself on my machine here at
guess what: thousands of compile problems
sorry for not testing it before putting it on the web (but hey: it's
especially the quicktime/libdv-support seems to be gone with 1.3-5
so i will have to have a look at the "normal" libdv.
in the meantime i would suggest to just not use the pix_dvLinux.cpp code
(it should be enough to "#if 0" at the beginning and #endif# at the very
end of the pix_dvLinux.cpp-file.
remove the pix_dvLinux_setup() lines in the GemSetup.cpp;

don't forget to apply the patch on the pix_filmLinux.cpp in line200

-- row[0]=mframe
++ while(i--)rows[i]=m_frame+m_xsize*m_csize*i;


> I'll be watching this thread with great excitement.
> Marco

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