[PD] networked multi-channel PD cluster

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Tue Mar 5 16:16:04 CET 2002

I am working on a sound installation in an old train tunnel and I am 
using PD to control everything.  But since I am a PD neophyte, I want to 
ask the list for direction.  Basically, my plan is to use about 8 
computers spaced down the length of the tunnel, each with two speakers. 
 They will be networked together and running either OS X or linux.

Here is how I envision it:

(L) (R)   (L) (R)   (L) (R)   (L) (R)   (L) (R)      [speakers]
 \  /      \  /      \  /      \  /       \  /
master     slave     slave     slave     slave
  |---------| |-------| |-------| |-------| |---...  [ethernet]

All of the computers will share a pool of samples via the network.  I 
would like to control all of the PDs from the master computer.

For the first aspect of the installation, I would like to be able to 
trigger any sample on any/all computers and even move samples down the 
tunnel.  The second aspect, I would like to be able to control granular 
synthesis on these computers.

Does anybody know anyone who has done something like this before?  With 
PD?  Any advice you want to offer to get me going in the right direction 
would be grreatly appreciated.  I am just starting with PD, but am 
familiar with most of the concepts since I have a background in Csound 
and programming.



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