[PD] MIDI-in drivers Dell Optiplex GX110

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Tue Mar 5 19:07:30 CET 2002

Marcus Flanagan wrote:
> Hello,
>   I am trying to demo some of my PD work on a different machine...only 
> problem is that I keep getting the error:
> "midiInOpen: There is no driver installed on your system".
>   Where can I get this driver? I have been trying to use a USB MIDI 
> interface....is USB supported by Pure_Data?
USB is not directly supported by pd.
however, it is the job of the driver to hide the hardware-facts from the 
we have both windows and linux machines (well, it's one dual-boot 
machine) that work with roland's um1 perfectly under pd.

so ::
which os are you using ?
is the gx110 supported ? i am not sure, whether the gx110 is supported 
under linux.
are the drivers installed correctly (i guess so, but who knows)
under linux: do you have a /dev/midi ?
under windoze: (i don't know, but) check whether you find your 
midi-device somewhere under properties/multimedia (or whatever it is 
under your personal taste-windoze: it's all different on 95/98/nt/xp

if it does work with other apps, try using
"pd -listdev"
to see, whether your midi-device is detected properly by pd and which 
device-id it has.
use the one you get with "-midiindev"


>   Help!
>   Marcus.

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