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Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Wed Mar 6 01:29:27 CET 2002

Ulrich Kehrer wrote:

> pix_movie and pix_film both work (though slow and with reduced
> colors) but i was not able to load
> any other format than mpeg's made with "motion". mov's did not
> load due to unsupported codecs, but maybe thats because these clips
> were made on another OS with RLE and SVQ1 codec (are these video codecs
> available for linux, preferably as a debian package?).

JPEG MOVs seem to work fine but I've had no luck with other MOVs, will
try some more this evening. MPEGs are also uneven: some are acceptable,
others appear to load and run but produce no display. I'll start keeping
closer track of the working formats.

Ulrich, do you have any suggestions for finding some of the MPEGs that
work for you ?

> i also tried it with an avi captured in linux with "kino" - no success.

I think there's no Linux support for AVI in this release...
> pix_model works great on linux now. the smoothness feature is really usefull!

It is pretty cool, but where can I obtain more obj files to play with ?
> pix_sig2pix~ was very funny to play with but i don't know if i used it the
> right way. i just put it in the render-tree just before pix_texture.
> is there something similar to the quality message in pix_texture?
> pix_pix2sig~ always put out a high whistle on the RGB outs even though i
> heavily maniplulated the mpeg with colorGRB.

This sounds like fun, do you have an example patch ?
> i encountered some crashes when working with gem; several segfaults and
> few "socket receive error: connection reset by peer(104)" but maybe thats
> a bug on the user-side...
I'm getting a lot of those too. For the record, I'm running Linux kernel
2.4.5 patched for low-latency, ALSA driver package 0.9.0beta10, XFree86
4.1, and a Voodoo3 AGP card in an 800 MHz machine. 

I've also received a number of these messages:

    X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range
for operation)
      Major opcode of failed request:  128 (XFree86-DRI)
      Minor opcode of failed request:  13 ()
      Value in failed request:  0x2400004
      Serial number of failed request:  36
      Current serial number in output stream:  36
    [dlphilp at localhost dlphilp]$ pd_gui: pd process exited

but IOannes already knows about them.

> anyway, it's great

Indeed. I'm looking forward to using this stuff for a piece, but I've
got lots to learn first...

Best regards,

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