[PD] MIDI-in drivers Dell Optiplex GX110

Andrew (Andy) W. Schmeder andy at eh2o.ws
Wed Mar 6 20:24:34 CET 2002

> Could you tell me what driver you're using for the um1? I tried
> 'usbmidi-20020122.tar.gz' from member.nifty.jp/Breeze, but I couldn't make
> it work...either on red hat 7.2 or debian 2.2.r4...I think I probably
> missed something obvious, though. Any advice on the install?

I'm using usbmidi-20011212.  W/ kernel 2.4.5, debian/unstable.

ls -l /dev/midi0
crw-rw-rw-	1	root	audio	14

After I connect the UM1 I type 'modprobe usb-midi'.

That should be all you have to do.


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