[PD] best windows platform for pd?

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Mar 7 17:01:43 CET 2002

Here is my experience:
98SE    crappy but well supported
ME     I had horid problems, avoid it.
NT    Very solid, but sound support is weak
2000    solid, good sound support
XP        nifty features, shows promise, but still buggy. I am waiting 
until at least Service pack 1


Matthew Nish-Lapidus wrote:

>i'd promote XP ro 2000... although the copy protect stuff in XP is really
>bad, it is NT.  2000 has some device compatibility issues.. each one has ups
>and downs, but for PD you really want an NT based platform, much more
>stable. ME is exactly the same as 98 with some extra bells and wistles, it's
>still just a DOS shell.
>just my 2cents.
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>>I have an enquiry, which is the best operating system
>>for pd after windows 98? We have to upgrade a few
>>computers and I'm just curious what people out there
>>think? Thanks in advance!
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